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As a poet, rapper and songwriter,  Plicool desires to connect with the hearts of people while taking them somewhere they’ve never been before. A TEDX speaker and graduate of Actuarial Science from the University of Benin, Nigeria who hails from Ekiti State, also in Nigeria.
He released the powerful piece, “Africa Reformed” in January 2018 that has become more than a movement, which pushed Him and his team to form the “Africa Reformed Organization”, an organization which seeks to promote our African Beauty, Art, Entrepneurship and Creativity.
Brief Note about What Life Is:
When Plicool was asked why he recorded What Life Is, He said “I just want to help someone love Life. There’s so much pain and stress in our daily living but the greater Joy to see is that even in the midst if these difficulties, we can breathe again and be the best we can be” 💓🔅
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