Gemini – Teni N Teni

Adetutu Epaz is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve met. Someone might say this is a direct shot at flattery or another unwavering proof of being a poet but it takes a lot, a lot of will to stand tall and rise against the muddy waters of life and even take pride in that which makes the society hurl abusive words at you. In an era where tribal marks stand as barbaric, demeaning, degrading, Adetutu cannot change the fact that she was carved that way at tender age so like an astral dove, she walks gracefully on tender waters. Adetutu makes me proud of being from the Yoruba clan…

And this is why Teni N Teni is here. Teni N Teni came because of Adetutu, Teni N Teni is here because of the blows and punctures posed against my culture every now and then. I have no words… just follow the download link.
Yusuf Balogun Gemini, is an award winning page and performance poet, known for his carefully built brand of Yoruba oral renaissance. Grief and radical poetry. He recently released his debut Yoruba poetry video — Lagidigba and can be found on YouTube. He’s the winner of Askifa Poetry Slam 3.0, PIN Obalenda Maiden Poetry Slam and Wordaholics Somolu Slam 2.0. Teni N Teni is his fifth poetry audio.

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