Dera Melani – The Mantra

Dera’s Mantra is more than a wake up call to Africans. It’s a redefining piece that strikes a note in the hears of the listeners.

Dera’s Mantra sheds light on our cultures and the things we’ve blindly followed and practiced.
This isn’t just an ordinary spoken word poem. It’s the mantra we should all be reciting.


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3 thoughts on “Dera Melani – The Mantra

  1. At one audience, my hat vacates its position from the crown of my head to the soul of thy feet to reverence the intelligence displayed in this work of art. Thy words are worthy to echo in time, and so you have earned a mans respect.

  2. Words have gone missing.
    My mouth can’t lay hold on just the right and enough words to describe how much knowledge your words have infused in me.
    Well done Poet… I love your work.

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