Czar Younglan – I Wonder (A Tale Of Hates Men)

Czar Younglan is a Spoken Word Artist, Performance Poet, Creative Writer and Entrepreneur. Hails From Tal, Pankshin, and was birthed, raised and lives in Tudun Wada Jos, Nigeria. He was a finalist, Jos Poetry Slam 2017, 1st Runner Up, Jos Poetry Slam 2018, Winner(Spoken Word Category) Winners got Talent 2018, JOGAMA Green Awards: New Spoken Word Artist 2018 and 2nd Runner Up JustCr8te E-Slam 2019. He was present at Lagos International Poetry Festival 2018, and has performed in a wide array of stages Nationwide. Currently, he is a student of EB Arts Organization where he writes with the likes of Lardo, Ruddapoet, Abdulqudus, Vera, Ola, Midong and Leon.
In a country where the concept of true nationhood is absent, plagued by diverse socio-political issues ranging from poor leadership to ethnic conflicts, one is left to wonder what to make of it all. Many have lost their voices over time; either because they are dead or tired of wailing. To have someone speak up, not minding the consequences is sincerely one of the best things one could ever hope for. We all should be bold enough to say “…even after facing the guillotine, we will not keep shut…” After all, as Sir Walter Raleigh said “…no stab the Soul can kill…” We only fear God and are of God!
“…and as we pray, we will be practical too…” This sums it all up. As the holy book says, “…faith without works is vain…”
Younglan’s Piece is a wake up call.
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