Eastwind-Blessmann Jewell, aka Jewell King-Speaks. A self-thought spoken word/poet. I love slam, my journey began 2015. I won the 2016 Ehalakasa Slam Championship and later won the 1st Jive Slam organized in Ghana. I performed in Ivory Coast as special guest at the Babi Slam Festival 2017/2018 as part of winning the Ehalakasa slam championship. I’ve performed in Nigeria at the annual More Life Poetry Concert on two occasion. Poetry is my voice.

Genesis is an experiment I created indooors with Wiseborn since we’ve been quarantined cause of the current pandemic. I’ve always wanted a spoken word piece that will be easy to embrace by the masses and good for radio and that’s what birth Genesis. With this particular one the theme is on the corona virus and I hope anyone that listens wouldn’t stop listening and sharing cause it’s the best project when it comes to spoken word so far.

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