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​’Express It’ is an art group that is comprised of artists; poets, singers, painters, contortionists, writers, rappers, comedians and other forms of creative art practitioners.
‘Express It’ was founded in January 2015, but began running an open Mic in the month of August, 2016. The maiden edition of the open mic featured 33 artists in attendance who displayed their skills at the ‘Plosh Lounge, 4, Ogutona Crescent, Gbagada, Phase 1, Lagos. The open mic happens every second sunday of the month @3:33pm.
One of the major objectives of ‘Express It’ is to encourage the fusion of various genre of art to birth a whole new experience and taste. In the previous open mic, spoken word was collaborated with contortion, music and dance.
Also, ‘Express It’ builds artists to be spontaneous and to be able to think on their feet. This is primarily achieved from the various games played at the event tagged “On The Spot”. The scrabble game is played at the event too for vocabulary building skills. 
There are so many other side attractions at the open mic but we would only let you see the cat wag it’s tail, but we won’t let it out of the bag until you come to have a date with us in our next open mic which would come up on Sunday, 11th September, 2016.

Express It!. ………. Heart n Soul

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