JYC Unveils Damaged And Broken Lines

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​Joy Nnebuogo Nwanokwai popularly known as JYC is a spoken word artist in Nigeria. She was the winner of the 2015 Eko Poetry Slam. Speaking with Wordpire, she talks about her soon to be released spoken word poetry called Damaged and Broken Lines from her forthcoming spoken word studio album.

She said “Damaged is a story of a poet who has been through a lot, rising from falling in love to struggling to keep love in place. It’s true that love is a beautiful thing but it come with lots of heartbreaks and people trying to make amends and trying to take a walk from what a suicide that might eventually come. Hence one is left ever damaged. Damaged is one of those poems you will listen to and still wants to fall in love again but this time around, knowing that you have to be prepared for any eventual damage.”
Speaking further she said Broken Lines “shares the poet’s fears and expectations of what a daughter should be or face tomorrow. We live in a world of gender inequalities where the girl child is treated as a second human and worse, as a help option. Broken Lines prepares her unborn child for the gender woes to come especially if she tries to be like her. Her strong fears predicts a daughter growing up  to become a shadow of herself, The poet’s voice is broken in pain and fears of tomorrow yet she bares her final strength to the coming daughter. She bids her to be strong.”


Damaged and Broken Lines will be release on 9-9-2016.

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