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Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe, popularly known as Soul’e Rhymez;  and regarded as the finest thinker of 21st century by his staunchest followers, is a Philosopher,  Psychologist,  Social Analyst, Lecturer and Public Speaker, whose several works have been published and read around the world.

He is popular for his psychological and philosophical discoveries, which many consider controversial.


Born in Ilorin, Kwara State in the late 20thcentury, he grew up in his state of origin, Kogi State, where he had his secondary school education in one of the best schools there: Titcombe College, Egbe, before crossing to Lagos in year 2008.

He got admission to Unilag in 2014, to study English Language, but opted out, saying the school did not have the type of education he desired.

Soul’e Rhymez is passionate about leading a wise generation; those that are always willing to learn, unlearn and relearn new and more beneficial things, for the good of everyone and to become the best version of themselves, though self-discovery and development.

He is the author of  books, such as, “The Image of God,” “How to become A Genius Through Sex”, a book, which is regarded as the best book ever written on sex, “How We Became Narcissists”, “The Exceptional Woman”,and many other yet to be published books.

Soul’e Rhymez is an apostle of the right use of sex; no doubt he is the world’s finest Psychologist in the area of sex. As a part of his numerous discoveries, he became the first man to correctly define love, in his book, titled “Unveiling The Everlasting Mystery: Love”.

His ground breaking lectures and psychological discoveries include and not limited to “Fecufenism” “Isembeysm”, “Mechanism of Understanding”, “Art of Appreciation “and many more.

He is the founder of Student of Life Academy – SoLA™, where he teaches the philosophy sex, self-discovery and self-mastery and publishes his own books.

He is also the founder of one of the fastest growing talent management and capacity building company in Africa, SRAF.

If you have any psychological issue relating to:

Sex Orientation

Sex Abuse

Sex Addiction, and

Struggles with low Self-Esteem,

Then Soul’e Rhymez is right person to talk to. You will never regret doing so; he is a god in this field.

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