Sunsampaul – A Cry For Help

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Over 1 billion people currently live in slums, with the number of slum dwellers only expected to grow in the coming decades. The vast majority of slums are located in and around urban centres in the less economically developed countries, which are also experiencing greater rates of urbanization compared with more developed countries. This rapid rate of urbanization is cause for significant concern given that many of these countries often lack the ability to provide the infrastructure (e.g., roads and affordable housing) and basic
services (e.g., water and sanitation) to provide adequately for the increasing influx of people into cities. While research on slums has been ongoing, such work has mainly focused on one of three constructs: exploring the socio-economic and policy issues; exploring the physical characteristics; and, lastly, those modelling slums. So this audio channeled toward the hardship in the slum and why we need to listen to this cry and help the slum dwellers


Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, a published writer, an instrument, a vocalist, a graphic designer, a computer scientist and a blogger. He’s also the President and Chief Sacristan of Armed forces Altar Servers Association. He was interviewed on metro FM 97.7 Lagos, 15th November 2015 where he performed one of his poems titled PASSION WITH NO ACTION and he was also interviewed on rhythm FM 93.3 Lagos, 28th February 2016 three days after his birthday 25th February where he also performed his poem titled Full Of Strength- FOS. Both interviews and voicing were under vividverses. He’s the C.E O of Citadel of Life, a pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry, an active member and contributor of Peregrine Reads, Poets in Nigeria PIN, Figure of speech FOS, the poetry court, writers connect, talented poets, transformed family, 633 academy, words, rhymes and rhythm, LiteraNation, writers lodge, doveline poetry, ODP-African poets and vivid verses. You can reach him through Tel: +2348180861170and +2349098285261 Facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher Twitter and Instagram: @sunsampaul

He grew up in the Nigerian slums of
Ajegunle in Lagos. to better the lives and education of children facing the same hardships.



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