Dera Melani – The Mantra

Dera’s Mantra is more than a wake up call to Africans. It’s a redefining piece that strikes a note in the hears of the listeners. Dera’s Mantra sheds light on our cultures and the things we’ve blindly followed and practiced. This isn’t just an ordinary spoken word poem. It’s the mantra we should all be […]


Oyedokun Ibukun PENAWD is a “vocal-ink” poet, playwright and prolific writer, who administers words with apostolic unction. He is of the belief that “pen speaks louder than violence” It’s no longer a new thing that on the journey of success, different kinds of “drama” happen: Someone who just starts a career might just prevail over […]

The Hooded Poet – Fairytale

Nwafor Kenechukwu is a spoken word poet under the name The Hooded Poet. Fairytale talks about the Society, how it was built on lies and assumptions. This piece employs a Senatorial setting to pass its message. This piece goes further to make a metaphorical connection between Disney fantasies and reality as it describes the Society. […]

Huwa – Tell Me A Story

Okoyomoh Egbekhuwa is a professional spoken word poet, voiceover artiste and podcaster. She works to improve and encourage performance poetry and writing in West Africa, Nigeria. Her podcast, The Spoken World invites writers, poets, enthusiasts, seasoned and debut authors from across the globe to share their heartfelt pieces, inspiration and experiences. She wrote, Tell Me […]

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